Sync Your Facebook Ad Data to Google Sheets

If you’re spending money on Facebook Ads for your business, you need a solid process to monitor the performance of your marketing spend: and you can’t beat a dashboard built in Google Sheets.

The problem is, how do you get Facebook Ads data into Google Sheets? Manually exporting and importing CSVs from Ads Manager is painful, time intensive, and error prone.

Luckily, there is a better way. Simply connect your Facebook Ads account to Synchronize and start using your marketing data directly in Google Sheets with easy to understand custom functions.

Want to pull Campaign A’s ad spend from yesterday? Simple:

=FBADS_SPEND("Campaign A","yesterday")

Our custom functions refresh continuously, so you can build any marketing dashboard you can dream up. Monitor your trailing 30 day ROAS to make sure you’re getting the conversions you need:

=FBADS_ROAS("Campaign B","t30")

or keep an eye on year-to-date Cost per Click to get a feel for how advertising competition is trending:

=FBADS_CPC("Campaign C","ytd")

If you can build it in a Google Sheet, we can sync your Facebook Ads data into it so you can focus on high level marketing decisions for your business.