Connect your e-commerce data sources, and start flying in Sheets with custom functions galore.

Amazon Seller Central

Many data points available including sales, returns, inventory, subscribe & save, and more.



Track inventory and sales, so you can put together the perfect forecasting dashboard.


Facebook Ads

View your ad spend to build out accurate P&Ls, with an emphasis on the P.



Get sales data and raw reports from your Faire wholesale storefront.

=FAIRE_SOLDUNITS("mysku123","last month")


Monitor shipping costs to see where the low hanging fruit is for your bottom line.


Google Adwords

Keep an eye on Google advertising campaigns and see how they impact revenue.

=ADWORDS_SPEND(campaignXYZ,"last month")

Google Analytics

Monitor session and conversion rate data to improve your sales funnels.



Optimize your campaigns by send time, subject line, and more.


more coming soon…

Tons more in the pipeline!

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