Sync Your Amazon Seller Central Data to Google Sheets

Are you managing parts of your e-commerce business out of Google Sheets? If so, you are probably exporting and importing a TON of reports to keep your data up to date.

That’s why we built Synchronize. Synchronize allows you to sync your Amazon Seller Central data directly into Google Sheets, with always-up-to-date custom functions (see them all here).

Want to pull in the latest inventory count for your product COOLWIDGET123? Easy:


Need to keep tabs on how many units of COOLWIDGET456 your warehouse team sent to FBA? No problem:


Or if you prefer to work with raw data, you can pull in entire reports using functions like:


Our functions refresh daily, so you’re always working with the latest data. Ditch the manual CSV work and never look at this screen again:

Best of all, we integrate with all of your e-commerce data sources from Shopify to Facebook Ads. Build the perfect custom dashboards for your business in Google Sheets, and never worry about data freshness or reliability again. Perfect for:

  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Profit and Loss Tracking
  • anything else you can do in a spreadsheet!

We’re a group of 8-figure Amazon sellers that hit the same pain point… struggling to keep data up to date in our Google Sheets dashboards. We tried everything from virtual assistants to custom built developer integrations, but something always ended up breaking due to an API outage or manual error.

Mistakes in e-commerce are expensive. If your VA swaps the uploads for the “30 Day Sales Report” and the “90 Day Sales Report,” or Amazon’s API changes their output and breaks the tool an Upwork developer built for you… a missed product reorder could easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Start syncing your Amazon data to Google Sheets today.